Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Why Concrete Wall Panels?

Build brilliance, shape strength.

Energy Efficiency


Ease of Installation


Insulated & Solid

Pre-cast concrete wall panels can be built in various different forms. Insulated wall panels are generally used for walls on the outside of the building. Precast insulated wall panels meet the new energy code based on different R-values as determined by the architect. 

A rigid polystyrene insulation ranges in thickness from 3-5” depending on the contents of your building and lies between two reinforced (or stressed) concrete panels.

Versatile & Efficient

Concrete wall panels offer a diverse range of architectural finishes, spanning from exposed aggregate textures to varied form liners and colors, providing limitless design possibilities. These insulated panels serve dual purposes as cladding or structural walls, with a thickness typically between 6-8 inches.

Renowned for their use as separating firewalls, these solid panels are commonly employed indoors, though they can be adapted for exteriors by adding insulation post-installation. Moreover, they serve as sturdy load-bearing walls, supporting other precast elements like hollowcore and double T’s, making them a versatile choice in construction.


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